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Hey everyone!

So, wow, I haven’t posted in FOREVER. And in that time I went back to highschool, moved out of home, started gender therapy, seen my second favourite band live, then i also left highschool again and am starting to lose weight! (7 kilos gone so far! :D) (I’ve been a busy bee to say the least)
But I’m going to try and post more now! :D

also, I’m thinking of documenting my weight loss on here? 


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Avocado Truffles

Good. God. Honestly have no words for this recipe. These photos are gorgeous and this looks incredibly delicious!! DEFINITELY making this as soon as possible.

The inside is filled with chopped mango and avocado with cilantro, black sesame seeds and lime juice. The avocado is then rolled in dried mango, black sesame seeds, pistachio, and freeze dried corn, peas, and red bell peppers.

Full recipe here:

Holy crap.

The growl my stomach just made was very inhuman.

I need this. In or around my mouth and then in my belly pleez.

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